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Your 66 Day Journey Into Your FeelGoodX Lifestyle Transformation
What if you could achieve not just one or two of your life’s biggest goals, but all of them?

This free course is a guided journey through 66 days of self-discovery.

You will learn to create your very own FeelGoodX :

A lifestyle design roadmap that empowers you to live your best life and be extraordinary.

This course combines 10 weeks of digital classes at your convenient.

During these calls, you’ll have an opportunity to share your progress and your thoughts with the rest of the  FeelGoodX community.

Create your very own FeelGoodX

During this course, you’ll experience a crucial paradigm shift in your mind. You will begin this journey by asking yourself a series of questions:

Is this what I want?
Is this what makes me feel good?

Or am I basing my decisions on peer pressure and societal expectations?

By asking these questions, you will learn to let go of the limiting beliefs that have been ruling your life for too long.

From there, you will examine each of the 8 elements of FeelGoodX.

FeelGoodX – Heart
  • Emotional Health
  • Purpose
FeelGoodX – Health
  • Food
  • Body & Movement
  • Finances
  • Home & Environment
FeelGoodX – Soul
  • Mindset & Practices
  • Relationships

By exploring each of the 8 key areas of your life, you will be empowered to create your own personal plan for success. This is not a generic, one-size-fits-all plan, but a plan that you’ve created for yourself, aligned with the choices that will lead to the best version of you! Because you design this plan based off of what matters most to you, you’ll be more motivated to follow the suggested strategy.

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WEEK 0 :  FGX-66days-Week0

WEEK 1 :  FGX-66days-Week1  | FGX_Book

WEEK 2 :  FGX-66days-Week2

WEEK 3 :  FGX-66days-Week3

WEEK 4 :  FGX-66days-Week4

WEEK 5 :  FGX-66days-Week5

WEEK 6 :  FGX-66days-Week6

WEEK 7 :  FGX-66days-Week7

WEEK 8 :  FGX-66days-Week8

BONUS :  FGX-66days-Bonus