The FeelgoodX Story

Why We Started The FeelGoodX Movement

Live your life. Love your life.

FeelGoodX is your guide to change your story and find more joy!

Life is a journey.

But unlike most trips, there’s no map for this one.
The direction to turn is not always obvious. And as our lives get faster and busier, we will run out of fuel if we don’t take a pit stop to refuel our energy and our souls.

FeelGoodX gives you the tools to change your mindset and create your own well-being roadmap for this trip called “life.

Why FeelGoodX ?

How many of us graduated from school knowing a lot about history and science, but very little about real life? Our educational system prepares us to get a job, but it doesn’t teach us how to find happiness and fulfilment in our daily lives. FeelGoodX will introduce you to tools and ideas that will help you rewrite your personal story and create a life you love.

How is FeelGoodX Different?

Unlike other self-help books, which layout one path for everyone, Bhada believes that there’s no single formula that will work for all people. Instead, FeelGoodX provides you with tools that you can use to create your own path to happiness and well-being. Using the framework described in.

FeelGoodX provides culturally-relevant content by fusing Eastern traditions with contemporary life experiences. Bhada draws on his own experiences, as well as lessons he’s learned from friends and family members, to create a comprehensive guide to loving your life.

The FeelGoodX Journey

The core of FeelGoodX is Bhada’s book in which he shares his life journey of going from someone who feels good some of the time, to someone who feels good all of the time. In the book, he walks you through each of the 8 elements of FeelGoodX:

FeelGoodX – Heart
  • Emotional Health
  • Purpose
FeelGoodX – Health
  • Food
  • Body & Movement
  • Finances
  • Home & Environment
FeelGoodX – Soul
  • Mindset & Practices
  • Relationships

FeelGoodX is a mission-based company that is focused on creating community to have a meaningful lifestyle and happiness. Our goal is to spread FeelGoodX to individuals, organizations, and communities for them to use as a guide to empower themselves to live healthier and happier lives, unleash their fullest potential and be extraordinary.

Feel Good X book for teens - 11-16 years old

You’re never too young to start creating your roadmap to feel good!

Why do so many people wait to start thinking about their well-being until middle age? Don’t wait until you’re an adult to start creating the life you love!

With FeelGoodX, young people have the power to live better, healthier, happier lives. This e-booklet translates the lessons of FeelGoodX in a manner that is relevant for today’s teens. We cover topics that are left out in traditional schools, like purpose, mindset, and relationships.

This e-booklet is available, free of charge for schools and colleges.
Contact us to request copies of the little booklet for your school or college.