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Do you feel physically and spiritually drained?

Discover simple daily practices to reinvigorate your zest for life.

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Have you lost your way on the path to happiness?
Did following the “action plans” of gurus lead you nowhere?
Are you worried that you’ll never complete your journey toward self-realization?
After decades of helping clients find inner and outer comfort, author and hospitality expert Bhada Sinhaphalin has seen the Western quest for success clash with his Eastern way of life. Now he’s here to show you how to refuel your mental and emotional health for a new level of contentment.

FeelGoodX is a holistic approach to help you lead a more fulfilling life with just minutes a day of practice. Using timeless concepts from this global movement, you’ll discover how to map out each step on your road to holistic wellbeing. Through age-old disciplines and innovative methods, Sinhaphalin gives your soul the tune-up it needs to attain your full potential and true inner peace.

Tools To Make You Feel Good

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Financial Health

Ways to Achieve Financial Independence

What to Avoid & Enjoy

Food Pyramid

8 Phase Meditation

In FeelGoodX, you’ll discover :
  • How to create purposeful, personalized intentions that cultivate joy
  • Guided exercises to help you define and refine how you feel good
  • Key satisfaction factors for making positive changes in all areas of your life
  • Traditional Eastern principles proven to unlock lasting gratitude and serenity
  • Inspiring anecdotes, masterful mindset techniques, and much, much more!
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FeelGoodX is an inspirational guide to replenishing the joy in your life’s journey.

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