Feel Good X book for teens - 11-16 years old

Because of this, FeelGoodX – A New You in 21 Days for Teens is here to provide a holistic roadmap to well-being for young people looking to live their best life as they endeavor to better their situation and their state-of-mind.

In this edition of FeelGoodX for teens, author and hospitality expert Bhada Sinhaphalin presents a twenty-one day plan for young people to follow, so that they can bring happiness back into their lives. By adopting the 3Fs outlined in this book, teens will be able to empower themselves as they consider what’s next on their road toward well-being.

So, what are the 3Fs?  They represent information and guidance that is:

FAST, because it only take 21 days to implement

FACTUAL, because it is proven to be beneficial

FUN, because it is easy and simple to put into practice

Ultimately, FeelGoodX – A New You in 21 Days for Teens is a guidebook and workbook to help stressed-out young people bring the joy back into their lives as they learn to cope with life’s stresses. In addition, this beneficial guidebook offers teens invaluable insight to help them cope today, as well as how to develop healthy habits that they can take with them into their journey toward adulthood.


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